Transomatic Dialogue

The human body appears to act as a memory system storing memories that have yet to be integrated into the conscious psychological wholeness of the individual. In other words the body acts, at least in part, as the archive of the personal unconscious mind.
Self-healing arises as the spontaneous outcome of consciously accessing the emotion-bound memories.

Rainbow Octave Processes

In Osho’s Akashic Transmission to Devageet He told that each person’s teeth contain their personal Akashic Record of the journey their consciousness has taken in its evolution.  This process has distilled His transmission into a process that uses Transomatic Trance, Sacred Geometry traced on the face and body, 8 Rainbow colours applied to specific points in a specific sequence, in order to evoke memories.

Akashic Processes

A safe, systematic approach to spiritual transformation, expanded awareness and deep meditation, by progressively accessing Akashic (evolutionary) memories archived in the teeth and body. The journey of consciousness through material forms. This process uses Meditation, Transomatic Trance, Transomatic Dialogue, Light-as-colour, Sacred Geometry, The Mandala of Original Wholeness  as tools.

Bardo-karmic (past life) work

Transomatic Dialogue© reveals memories from other times and places, bringing into awareness the journey of consciousness through different bodies and the creation of karmic patterns.
The Unconscious mind contains hidden, sometimes fearful memories.
Accessing these memories in a safe and easy way enables us to begin to trust our awareness, to use it as a tool for the great quest to discover where we come from and dissolving old patterns.

Starchild Rebirthing

It offers a radically new dimension of therapeutic transformatics by following the journey of consciousness into this life. It combines the experience of a past life, its Bardo-Karmic Wisdom Dimension, and Karmic Memory
Archive. Then, by creating a bridge of awareness linking unconscious
karmic memories to Starlight Transomatic Dialogue at each stage of
embryonic growth, consciousness is brought to unconsciousness.

Dream Dialogue: Giving a Transomatic voice to Dreams

Transomatic Dialogue is a primary tool that enables  the subconscious voices to express their coded message – penetrating the barriers of the unsconscious mind.
The Unconscious mind is the hidden treasure-chamber of consciousness. Consciousness itself is multi-dimensional, consisting of oceanic depths and vast mountain peaks that exist beyond the guarded secure frontiers of the conditioned ‘self’ — the personality-ego-mind.

Chakrasomatic Dialogue

The Chakras are an important aspect of our energy network.

Their optimal functioning is affected by trauma, early-life events, and conditioning.
Chakra Dialogue is a simple, effective way to find core memories that interfere with the chakra’s potential for balance and harmony.
Revealing the core memory initiates the 4 self-healing stages: healing-balancing-integrating-harmonizing, thus allowing the chakra to resume its role within the Original Wholeness of the individual.

Starlight Express Process 

The Starlight Express Process is based on the understanding that we, in our original wholeness of consciousness and being, are exactly as we should be. The Starlight Express Process includes a daily meditation program.  It works on 3 stages:

Stage 1: Transomatic Starlight Color Dialogue Mapping
Stage 2: the Dreamsomatic Starlight Color Dialogue Mapping
Stage 3: Starchild Bardo-Karmic Dialogue Map Experiencing the beyond- body eternal consciousness

Orbs Of Transcendence

The Orbs of Transcendence process is using the whole set of 8 natural and 4 transcendent colours to evoke in the body/mind a deep state of clarity and transcendence.
The application and sequence of the different colours follows the natural flow of prana energy in the body and allows a deep harmonization of energies.

The awareness will notice whatever insights appear during this process.
This process is meant for those who already have a significant degree of experience in the transomatic work.

Geet Chung

Geet Chung is a spontaneous guided exercise enabling an individual to explore their inner world. By following  the track  of felt senses in the body, awareness becomes a finely tuned tool.

Osho Active Meditation

Oshos active meditations are an integral part of the Oshodontics work.
Whatever healing and transformation happens in the individual sessions and processes, it needs to be balanced with meditation.

Mandala of original wholeness 

The mandala of original wholeness symbolizes the journey of consciousness through material forms until its culmination in a human body: consciousness becoming aware of itself.


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Why you call the work as self-healing and self-transformational work?

The self-healing is the stage of this work where we become aware of certain situations, events, memories that still affect our life and we have been longing to bring into balance and harmony or ‘heal’. Either through sessions or trainings we learn the way to ‘heal’ these instances from the past so our original wholeness starts revealing, the part that was not hurt or damaged from any event. Then the self-transformational part of the work can begin where we can explore the journey of consciousness through the evolution of matter offering the possibility of expanded awareness and the vision of Osho of the modern man, Zorbha the Buddha.

What do I need to start with to learn more about this work?

This webpage contains a lot of information about the details of this work, the origins, the different sessions, processes and trainings. You can have a look at the different sections of the webpage and if you are interested about something specific you can send us an email and someone from the team will get back to you as soon as possible

How can I receive an individual Transomatic session? What is the price?

In this webpage there is a Certified Transomatic Starlight Dialogue practitioners list where you can browse to find a practitioner that speaks your language and potentially is in your area to receive the session in person. Alternative the session can be offered on line. The details (price, time availability…) of the session you will clarify by contacting the specific certified Practitioner.

Can the therapy happen online? How is it happening?

Yes the sessions and processes can be offered online with specific protocol that your certified practitioner will explain. Through the use of a voice and video platform (whatsapp or zoom) the session can take place without limiting its effectiveness.

How this therapy is connected with meditation?

This work is aimming to remove the obstacles to meditation so authentic transformation is possible. Active Meditation techniques created by Osho like Dynamic and Kundalini are an integral part of this work. Through the combination of sessions and processes, the intricate quality of awareness is revealed and expanded supported by the meditation techniques so the fragrance of meditation spreads in all areas of our life.

How should I prepare myself for the session?

Your session giver will inform you of the details that are required in order to receive a session. You will need the appropriate internet connection if it will be held online, comfortable clothes, time for the session (2-3 hours)

What should I expect from the sessions? Shall I do something after?

Your session giver will explain all the details concerning the session. After a sesssion, ideally, is to have some time that you can rest if you want and do not have obligations that will force you into action if possible.

What means Oshodontics?

Oshodontics is the name the creator of this work, Devageet, gave to encompass the wholeness of the sessions, processes and trainnings that were the byproduct of the Akashic Transmission given to him by the enlightened master Osho. You can read about the Akashic Transmission in the section “Origins” of the homepage.