Akashic Processes

Akashic Processes©

Akashic Processes©: A safe, systematic approach to spiritual transformation, expanded awareness and deep meditation, by progressively accessing Akashic (evolutionary) memories archived in the teeth and body.

The tools for Oshodontic Akashic Processing© are:

  • Meditation.
  • Transomatic Trance with Feeling-Sense-Awareness.
  • Transomatic Dialogue.
  • Light-as-colour.
  • Sacred Geometry.
  • The Mandala of Original Wholeness.
  • A.U.M-AUM chanting.


Oshodontic Therapy for the Self-Transformation of Individual Consciousness is brought about by a sequential and progressive series of processes, each in the form of specific individual sessions, to deepen and expand awareness by directly experiencing remembered events from their ‘Personal Akashic Record’: an archive of memories from the evolutionary path that the individual’s consciousness has taken over eons. The resulting expansion of awareness creates an ever-widening overview leading from the microcosm of personal reality i.e. self-consciousness, to the macrocosmic reality of Universal Consciousness. The Akashic Processes expand meditation and awareness to the level where authentic transformation of consciousness is directly experienced.


They are a series of consciousness-raising individual sessions to expand awareness by accessing ancient memories from the physical body. This enables conscious recollection of, and connection to, resources of awareness far beyond the boundaries of the ego-personality-mind.

The Akashic processes, in this way, bring profound healing and spiritual transformation by enabling direct conscious connection with realms of consciousness beyond those recognised by the ego-personality self. These realms are:

  1. The Personal Unconscious Mind, which opens into the Personal Superconscious Mind.
  2. The Collective Unconscious Mind which opens into The Collective Superconscious Mind. The collective unconscious is not that defined by C.G.Jung, but the collection of ontological memories that recapitulate the phylogeny of each human being along the evolutionary way.
  3. The Universal Unconscious Mind which opens into The Universal Superconscious Mind: Cosmic Consciousness.

The Akashic Processes expand awareness, consciousness and clarity to the level where meditation can penetrate through the multiple ancient layers of collective memories that compose the unconscious nature of the ego-self. Thus the Akashic Processes deepen meditation to where existence can actualize the latent human potential for the individual.

It seems that human beings are genetically programmed for higher consciousness, perhaps for enlightenment itself. The programs that activate consciousness into its higher functions seem to be initiated once awareness and integration reach a level of deep introspection that pierces the barriers of time and space within the individual. It may be that deeply focused awareness sets in motion a wave-front of energy that activate genetic programs as yet unexplored.

There are Seven Akashic Processes©, each one accesses a level of individual unconsciousness and brings it, via body-held memories, into awareness, integration and harmony.

The therapeutic tools used are:

  • Feeling-Sense-Awareness Relaxation Trance.
  • Light-as-colour.
  • Transomatic Dialogue© in which the individual clearly feels, and becomes precisely aware of, individual body-held memories and their life-context, and verbally describes the experience as it happens.
  • Somatic Topographic Geometry.
  • Dream Dialogue.
  • Past-Life dialogue.


This Akashic path to transformation was initiated by Osho’s instruction to Devageet:

“You will find a way, Devageet, for a person to access their memories of the journey taken by their consciousness as it has evolved through many lives, in many forms. These memories are their personal akashic record. When a person becomes aware of ancient memories stored by their teeth and body it will bring their meditation to the depth where authentic transformation can happen. Mediation is the only way for transformation to happen, and becoming aware of personal Akashic memories is the fast track to deepen meditation because it will quickly break through the  biological bondage. And unless meditation goes beyond biology it cannot reach to the depths where authentic transformation can happen.”

The Akashic Processes open ancient doors that have, for many lives, kept the pre-conscious, biological memories that constitute the human biological collective mind locked into a state of dormant pre-consiousness: un-cosciousness. The akashic traveller’s own awareness brings direct cognition of these ancient, body-held memories as they emerge onto the screen of consciousness. It is this state of direct, cognitive awareness that enables akashic memories to be experienced with such freshness and immediacy.

The Akashic Processes, by bringing meditation and awareness to astonishingly profound depths, enable individuals to directly experience by remembering the origins of awareness beyond time, place and form, and to watch their own evolution of consciousness. Awareness grows by experience. Memories from the Akashic journey to the source of consciousness allow awareness to complete its cycle of actualisation. Awareness, by remembering  the unconscious forms from which it has arisen, actualises consciousness from its latency of unconsciousness. Awareness dissolves the un in un-consciousness. By liberating consciousness from its latent state awareness catalyses its own evolution.

The evolution of consciousness is spiritual transformation.

Awareness is thus the catalyst for the spiritual transformation of consciousness.

“During the processes Akashic Dialoguing is used, by using left-brain verbalizing to describe each right-brain, holistic experience from akashic memories, enables the akashic recall to affect both hemispheres. In this way the Akashic Processes are a whole brain experience in which the left-brain’s verbal, past-fear-danger oriented dominance, gives precedence to right-brain’s, holistic, overviewing perception of context and setting as each memory emerges. This change of focus provides a shift of emphasis away from seeing life through the biological lens of fear, to the holism of the bigger picture, thereby enabling reality to be experienced as an ongoing process, trusting life rather than judging it as dangerous.” 



Each process consists of 10 individual sessions with a gap of integration between them.

The Osho active meditations are included to support the process.


Akashic Process 1 accesses memories form The Personal Unconscious mind. Body memories are accessed by applying specific colours of light to precise points that are connected to the teeth. The memories liberated in such a way that their repressed emotional belief content is expressed verbally, provide the opening for a psychobiological and emotional integration process. Using awareness to precisely locate and describe memories from this current life and past human lives, Akashic Process 1 opens the door to more ancient, body held evolutionary memories that form the Human Biological Collective Unconscious Mind. In this way Akashic Process 1 lays the foundation and open the door for the remaining Akashic Processes .

Akashic Process 2 accesses memories from the Human Biological Collective Mind by the application of specific tooth-colors of light points located on the face and body. The regions on the body act as topographies of the mouth and teeth, known as clocks. Colour as light applied to the tooth points enable ancient memories associated with th teeth to be accessed. The tooth points on the body clocks are related to the eight tooth rays. The rays are set within eight concentric circular zones. The memories recollected in Akashic Process 2 are from the top of the pyramid of evolution, the most recent animal lives that precede human incarnation. Awareness, by revealing these ancient memories with precision, clarity and detail, becomes increasingly refined as a tool for the meditation, inner exploration and transformation during this process.

Akashic Process 3 accesses memories from the Human Biological Collective Unconscious Mind by the application of specific tooth-colours of light to the eight circular zones on the body clocks associated with the eight tooth rays. These ancient memories derive from the beginning of organic life, plant, animal and living forms of indeterminate classification. Despite their ancient origin the memories appear on the screen of consciousness with remarkable detail and clarity made even more remarkable insofar that they possess an immediacy that has little to do with their ancient origins. Awareness, by enabling the individual to directly experience memories from unknowable ancientness with clarity and detail, brings consciousness to experience its earliest origins, discovering in the process that consciousness is beyond time and space. In this way awareness becomes further refined as a tool of transcendent consciousness.


Akashic Process 4 accesses terrestrial planetary memories from the Universal Unconscious Mind of Humanity : Gaia Memories and beyond. Using the same methods, the tooth points from Akashic Process 2 are connected by stroking them as a continuous line. The connected points form two conjoined, horizontal ellipses. The ellipses act as a template which, when stroked with the tooth colour, reveal pre-organic evolutionary memories of experiences from inorganic life forms such, rocks, minerals, mountains, volcanos, rivers, oceans, clouds sky, crystals, and the Earth various strata.


Evolution, personally experienced directly as Akashic memories, expands its definition beyond Darwinian biological limits governing organic life cycles, beyond the vastly creative and abundant realms of nature into the very fabric of the Cosmos. Akashic Process 4 evokes memories from microcosmic and macrocosmic reality, as awareness interpenetrates into forms of increasing complexity, forms that liberate the theory of evolution beyond its biological limits into ecological and geological forms that show planet Earth to be a living conscious being deeply interdependent and co-creative with all forms in and within its boundaries. AK4  opens th evolutionary processes into its cosmic dimension. Cosmic Consciousness experienced directly.


Akashic Process 5 invites awareness to move further that Akashic Process 4 into deeper layers of cosmic Consciousness that expand from the terrestrial plane of elements to include often natural elements and phenomena on planet earth, and also often reach out beyond the atmosphere and gravitational field of Gaia as the journey evolution is traced into the womb of this planet, the solar system, and the vastness of space and the myriad formations that it is constituted of.

The cosmic play of existence begins to reveal itself beyond the creativity on planet earth, often unfolding the underlying principles of energy manifesting forms that carry their own level of consciousness in the great journey of evolution of consciousness.

Akashic Process 6 takes individual awareness into deeper dimensions of the Cosmic Unconscious Mind. There are experiences that, although they are apparent to the five senses, are not easy to verbalise. The AK6 journey into cosmic unconsciousness accesses previously unknowable dimensions of consciousness.

Akashic 6 accesses memories from the Cosmic Unconscious Mind. Awareness, using memories as a bridge into the past, shines the light of present-day awareness into akashic areas of ancient experiences that are held in the three realms of the unconscious mind : Personal, Biological-Collective, Cosmic Unconscious.

Akashic Process 6 goes deeper into the Cosmic Unconscious Mind that AK 4 and 5. The memories that are accessed are less often formless, focused more on the multiplicity of dimensions and facets of consciousness itself as it emerges into manifestation within the vastness of cosmic immensity.

Akashic Process 7 is the culmination of the Seven Akashic Processes. Each of the previous Akashic Process has prepared the individual’s awareness for the entry into Universal-Akashic-Existential Field of Consciousness, beyond form, time, space and mind.

Each Akashic Process has revealed its realm of unconscious mind to the beam of systematically awakening awareness. AK7 enables the boundary between mind and no-mind to be clearly experienced as a frontier opening into the unknowable. Whatever is experienced in these profound depths of choiceless awareness has the same value for the witnessing consciousness.

In AK7 new colours are introduced in the sessions indicating the deepening and simultaneous expansion of consciousness for the akashic traveller as their depth of meditation moves beyond the biological realm, shifting from in-formation to trans-formation


The Akashic Processes open a channel of awareness that penetrates ancient barriers of biological identification to reveal the cosmic possibility inherent in human nature. They enable awareness to be in-formed by the Universal-Akashic-Existential field, and each memory is a step along the way.