Starchild Rebirthing

The Starchild Rebirthing Process is born from Osho’s Akashic
Transmission to Devageet.
In transomatic trance many of you have had past life experiences. In our Transomatic Starlight
Colour Dialogue Training we entered the Bardo-Karmic Wisdom dimension , one of the
realms that become available to awareness and consciousness after death once the physical,
emotional and mental sheaths have been left behind. The essence, lit by Transomatic
awareness, guided by Bardo-Karmic Dialogue, brings its light as it travels into this dimension
of timeless wisdom: The Bardo-Karmic Wisdom Dimension. From this place one can look
back at the life just completed, looking with eyes unclouded by emotional attachment, seeing
clearly how we created that life by making certain crucial decisions at critical moments.
Decisions such as; the choice of marriage partner, selecting one’s profession, work, and way of
life; choices made related to using creativity skills and talents; choice of friends, of enemies,
politics; seeing the religious belief system you were born into; seeing your family and social
life; seeing the threads that were wove together to form the fabric of that life. Remembering
too that each life has a collective, overall context of time, style, culture and geography. The
context sets the tone of life.
Reviewing that life just left from the Bardo-Karmic Wisdom Dimension it becomes plain that
several of the significant decisions are not new, they have been made before in previous,
forgotten lives. Karmic patterns of repeating behaviour are seen.
From the place of wisdom it becomes apparent that Karmic patterns repeat in life after life
because the individual forgets what has happened previously. Bardo-Karmic Wisdom cannot be
carried into the next life unless there is a channel of communication. Awareness is the key; if
one dies without awareness karmic patterns will inevitably repeat until their underlying
emotions, beliefs, and behaviours are brought onto the screen of consciousness. Bardo-Karmic
awareness accesses the Karmic Memory Archive bringing karmic memories to the screen of
consciousness. Starlight Transomatic Dialogue then brings the consciousness of today to
evaluate the truth, or otherwise, of the karmic memories from ancient times.
Consciousness only grows from experience. When unconscious memories are brought to

awareness the door is open for consciousness to enter and to liberate itself from old belief-
bound memories. Without awareness we remain unconscious for life after life going around in

circles. The dying thought as we leave one body sets the opening scene for the next life.
Awareness at the moment of dying is the key for the evolution of consciousness because it
means that awareness will be present from birth in the next life, and a bridge of
communication can be created by consciously linking the death of one life to the birth of
another. That is the purpose of Bardo-Karmic Past-Life Starlight Regression Therapy sessions.
The Bardo-Karmic Starchild Process takes Bardo-Karmic Regression Therapy a step further by
using awareness to build a bridge of communication linking this life with Bardo-Karmic
Wisdom and Karmic Memory Archives from older lives.
A colour-coded Karmic Map of repeating memory patterns is created in the first session, while
the individual is in the Bardo-Karmic Wisdom Dimension. The map is carried forward through
the remaining four sessions, using Starlight Dialogue to bring consciousness to Karmic
Memories in each regression session.
The second regression session goes to the moment of conception into this life. The session
views the embryo during its first 13 weeks of growth in the uterus, from conception until it
implants in the mother’s placenta. Before implantation the embryo is free-floating in amniotic
fluid inside the uterus, not directly attached. During this first period of womblife the embryo
retains contact with the Bardo Karmic Wisdom place; karmic memories and their belief-bound
behaviour patterns have not yet become embodied. They can be seen as a cloud floating around
the developing embryo, slowly entering the new body as it forms. In the thirteen weeks before
implantation, using Bardo-Karmic Dialogue, the embryo can remember events from its
previous lives and the wisdom it received from the Bardo-Karmic Wisdom Dimension. This
sets the first part of the Bardo-Karmic bridge of awareness in place.
During the second session one experiences the free-floating period of growth during the
thirteen weeks in the uterus before placental attachment. Using the Karmic Colour-coded Map
one can follow memories as they become embodied in the developing embryo. Starlight
Transomatic Dialogue is used to bring the memories to consciousness

The third session is a womb-life regression to the 13-week period after the foetus has
embedded itself in the mother’s placenta. It has become a ‘parasite’, nourished by the mother’s
body, while developing its own physical body. During these 13 weeks the mother’s emotions,
thoughts, actions and beliefs deeply affect the embryo, probably forming the foundation for
the later growth of the ego. Awareness shows clearly that maternal emotions are felt by the
embryo and unconsciously create a false sense of ‘I’: the embryo feels maternal emotions and
thoughts, is affected by maternal reactions and behaviour, as if they were happening to it.
Awareness shows that the mothers emotions, though felt by the growing child, are not fom it;
the chemistry of emotions is carried in the bloodstream of the mother, the same bloodstream
being shared by the embryo. Awareness at this critical stage dis-identifies the growing child
from maternal psycho-emotional turbulence.

The Karmic Colour-coded Map is again brought to consciousness in the trance in order to
follow Karmic memories as they become embodied. One can see which karmic memories are
entering into the new body, where, along with their baggage of emotions, beliefs and old
behaviour patterns, they are being located Their location enables Transomatic Starlight to
dialogue with these Karmic memories. In this way, by allowing the consciousness-of-today to
penetrate these unconscious karmic memories, they are brought onto the screen of
The fourth session covers the last 13 week period in the womb until the baby is ready for
birthing. Karmic colour-coded memories are seen in the soon-to-be-born baby. Transomatic
Starlight Dialogue is used to bring awareness to resolve ancient karmic issues arising from
unconscious, unfinished karmic ‘business’ as it is carried from one life to another. Throughout
the Starchild sessions Transomatic Starlight Dialogue engages with karmic memories using the
bridge of awareness to cross the river of time.
The fifth session regresses to birth into this life, following in exquisite detail as it happens.
From the moment of emerging the newborn encounters its new life — new circumstances, new
mother, new father, new family, new culture; everything is new — for the first time. But with a
vital difference; this time having a bridge of awareness brought from the Bardo-Karmic
Wisdom Dimension enables ancient unconscious memories brought from other lives to be
seen and located. Transomatic Starlight Dialogue, focusing on the Karmic Memory colour
coded map, brings power-of-now awareness to see old karmic patterns in the light of today.
The Starchild Process, by creating an awareness bridge, links the Starlight consciousness of
today with the unconscious shadow world of the past. In this way Transomatic Starlight
Dialogue transforms ancient unconsciousness to consciousness by accessing the color-coded
Bardo-Karmic memory archive and subjecting memories to Starlight Transomatic Dialogue.
The process involves trance sessions, each one covering a specific period from Bardo-Karmic
Wisdom Place into the womb. Using Transomatic awarernes Karmic memories can be seen as
they in-form the developing body. Mapping and color-coding karmic memories enables them to
be brought to the screen of consciousness, and, because their source and origins are now seen,
they can no longer unconsciously influence this life.
The Starchild Bardo-Karmic Rebirthing Process is a new, profound dimension of therapeutic
transformation born from Osho’s Akashic Transmission to Devageet. No other process focuses
in such precise detail on karmic memories, seeing their in-corporation into a new life. By
linking higher conscious awareness from the Bardo-Karmic Wisdom Dimension with the light
star higher consciousness of Starlight Transomatic Dialogue, a bridge is formed bringing the
light of awareness and consciousness to these ancient labyrinthine tunnels in time.