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Akashic Academy of Oshodontics


We are meditators and practitioners, using the guidance of Osho’s Akashic Transmission, to bring the light of awareness into the depths of our being.
This work has transformed our life, and we want to share it with those who are looking for depth and a new beginning in their life. The work happens in groups, trainings, buddhafields or individual sessions, and we are using a wide variety of techniques including colours, sacred geometry, trance, transomatic dialogue and precision awareness.
This work has arisen out of meditation and meditation is an integral part of it. This work is designed to allow meditation to reach to those depths where real transformation becomes possible.

Adhiraj Plevris

Osho Therapist and Akashic & Transomatic Starlight Dialogue enthusiast!

Kalakeli Oksana Krasa

Supporting to collect all Happens into Happiness. Believing that every consciousness is longing to blossom. Loving people and respecting aloneness.


Coming in contact with Osho in 1977 was the beginning of my journey into meditation – meeting Devageet 2008 brought a culmination with the transomatic, akashic and octave work.

Suparna Gogi

There is a delightful feeling when you connect to who you really are. It brings me great joy every time it happens

Vadano Berger

Meditating, being with Osho and into therapy since the early eighties. Starting to realize that the goal is becoming a joke unto myself.

Aneesha Gramm

My journey of meditation began in 1994 when I fell in love with Osho and it became even more intense and beautiful in 2007 when I met Devageet and his work.

Prem Yatri

Initiated through Osho’s books, opened and energized through group experiences and meditations, sat in Osho’s presence, blessed with 20 years in Poona, guided into loving awareness with Sw. Devageet,… and…!

Rangeeni Dhyan

Was drawn to Osho through Devageet´s intensity in 2006 and since then have been involved in this work. Now am sharing what I received in English and Spanish, online and in person living in Mexico. Geet Chung, Transomatic Dialogue, Dream Dialogue, Bardo Karmic Dialogue, Starlight Express, Emerald Octave Process, Akashic Process.