Inner Sky Lab

Meditation has many dimensions, many flavours and many different pathways are available for the individual to experience his inner reality. One of the most significant books about meditation is the Book of the Secrets - Vigyan Bhairav Tantra - 112 techniques, collected over thousands of years, to explore the inner sky. Not all techniques will work for everyone, so a playful approach is needed.

Every Tuesday evening at 19:30 german time we are exploring for one hour the different techniques, opening different doors to our inner sky. If you feel interested, you are welcome to experiment.

Individual transomatic sessions, octave and akashic processes are available either online via Zoom or in a residential space at my home.



"Meditation is from the stars -
Meditation can take you home."
"Your higher consciousness has
a force too - it is levitation."
"As gravity pulls You downwards,
levitation pulls You upwards."


About Me

Oshodontics Board Member

My inquiry into life brought me to study biochemistry. Since science only looked on the outer surface of life, soon afterwards  in 1975 I began a regular Zen practice. In 1978 I came into contact with OSHO and soon afterwards my journey would take me to India where I stayed in the beautiful mystery school around the master. The years that followed brought many different trainings in meditation, hypnosis, bodywork, breath and energy work. Spending  many years in different OSHO communities in India, America and Germany allowed to experience many different flavours of OSHOs work.. Meeting Devageet in 2008 brought another culmination of the journey of meditation by experiencing the transformative power of the transomatic, akashic and octave processes that were happening around Devageet. Now my passion is to be a part of this Noahs arch of consciousness that is being created by allowing OSHOs vision to manifest.


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