Rainbow Octave Processes

The Rainbow Octave processes are designed to awaken the individual to their original wholeness of consciousness and being. As the individual consciousness is breaking out of its shell of unconscious beliefs, limiting ideas and behaviours it can go beyond the collective biological bondage and attain to a new level of clarity:
the transformation of consciousness.


 The foundation of this method is OSHOS Akashic Transmission: Impressions and memories of the personal and collective Unconscious – as long as they are not consciously seen – are a barrier for meditation to go deeper. If we  penetrate them with the light of our awareness, a complete change becomes possible. Consciously penetrating those hidden, emotion-bound memories in the body enables our awareness to expand and access deeper resources. Healing and understanding happens on many different layers – awareness expands beyond the areas we knew before. As the old barriers drop, our meditation can reach to new heights and depths.
We understand, how our personality as a whole has been formed and conditioned by experiences and incidents from long ago. Our male and female energy, our approach to life, our believes about ourselves and others – all this has its roots in the past. By consciously seeing, understanding and healing these memories, the energy that was suppressed now gets liberated:
Consciousness  expands, awareness deepens. As awareness recognizes that it is not confined to the body-mind, it becomes aware of itself: a quantum leap of consciousness happens – meditation is born. 

As we are working with the memories of the teeth, each tooth has its own colour that will bring up memories and imprints. As there are 8 teeth, there are 8 Octave processes.

Each Octave consists of a series of 7 individual sessions, and includes  work on the main centers like Face, Heart, Hara, Sacrum, Upper back, the associated chakra and then at the end a  balancing session. The Octave process, carried out for each center, is completed by an integration.
Memories are accessed by applying successive tooth colours to the evolutionary memes (sacred geometry) drawn on the body and face centers.
The Rainbow Octave Process accesses each tooth memory on 3 levels of pre-conscious memory:

The personal unconscious – inner circle of meme

the biological unconscious – middle circle of meme
the cosmic akashic unconscious – outer circle of meme.


The Octave allows a deep cleansing of the body, leading to a strengthening of the whole system. The body becomes capable of withstanding the impact of higher energies. It enables our meditation to reach the depths where authentic transformation can happen.