Chakrasomatic Dialogue

Chakrasomatic Starlight Colour Dialogue:

                         The Chakras are an important aspect of our energy network.

Their optimal functioning is affected by trauma, early-life events, and conditioning. Transomatic Starlight Colour Dialogue is a simple, uniquely effective way to find core memories that interfere with the chakra’s potential for balance and harmony.

Transomatic Starlight Colour dialogue uses signs and symptoms in order to locate the core emotion-bound-memory held in the body. Once found the unconscious memory reveals it’s unconscious emotional shielding, it’s associated beliefs about self, others and life, and the resulting behaviour patterns influenced by those unconscious beliefs.

  Revealing the core memory initiates the 4 self-healing stages: healing-balancing-integrating-harmonizing, thus allowing the chakra to resume its role within the Original Wholeness of the individual.