Geet Chung

Geet Chung is a spontaneous guided exercise enabling an individual to explore their inner world. By following  the track  of felt senses in the body, awareness becomes a finely tuned tool used to scan and explore subjective experiences. Precision awareness becomes a finely tuned tool to be used to explore the subjective world of the body. As the body senses and sensations get unraveled they  are followed by awareness, eventually leading to “who is noticing”.

The human form offers the unique possibility to attain the peak of consciousness in which awareness becomes aware of itself. When the “un” is erased from unconsciousness consciousness is liberated. Once awakened, and meditation is the time proven way of awakening, awareness becomes the seeing eye of consciousness.

Human beings as the most complex form of life have the gift beyond measure: awareness. Awareness rises above the limits of biology in human beings. This is self reflective awareness. Meditation is born out of it, and increasingly refines it until self reflective awareness becomes a precise catalytic agent for spiritual transformation.

Awareness reaches a critical level when it becomes self reflective. Self reflective awareness enables introspection and self examination and, finally, meditation

For the meditator engaged in inner dialogue the fundamental question is “who am I? Who or what is the center of my life? Is there an actual self at the center of all those different aspects of me? “ If not,  who or what is remembering? In fact who is asking those questions?
The spiritual seeker seeks to experience their inner truth. It reveals itself as a subjective reality that may not be easily objectified, tested or proven to outsiders. Only an inner search by myself looking for the roots of my identity can enable “me” to find “me”  in myself. And the answer can only be experienced directly.

In the human being our five senses provide the perceptive apparatus that gathers information from the world of reality inside, our skin. The brain-mind is the biocomputer that processes it.