Featured Project

Vienna Buddhafield

Vienna Buddhafield is a place for OSHO active meditations in Vienna. You can participate in presence (if Covid rules permit) or online.

Address: Therapiezentrum Hyrtlgasse, 1160 Wien, Hyrtlgasse 12


The mind is not separate from your body, it is the inner part of the body. You are separate from the body and the mind, both. You are an entity, transcendental, you are a witness to the mind and the body, both. But your mind and your body are both one and the same energy. The body is visible mind, the mind is invisible body. The body is exterior mind, and the mind is the interior body.


About Me

Vadano Berger

Oshodontics Board Member

Born and living in Austria my meditation guided by Osho began in my early twenties. A first intensive period of meditating happened in that time, while also participating in a variety of seminars, living live of shared apartement, visiting the ashram in Oregon and Poona. In that time I already became trained in group dynamics/encounter and Reichian body therapy. Following the path of living in the world but not of the world I completed my studies of psychology, attained a European licence of psychotherapy and created the Therapiezentrum Hyrtlgasse, a center for psychotherapy and meditation in Vienna, which I run since 2005. Being still in search of self healing and self transformation I met Devageet and that opened new depths of meditation and of understanding myself and also of working with people. You can ask for sessions in my practice in Vienna in presence or online and I am about to create session possibilities in Corfu/Greece.