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Mahi Saori

Born in Japan, Mahi is a disciple of Osho since 1990. Currently based in Sofia, offering Transomatic Dialogue sessions in-person and online in English/Japanese. Inspired by the Akashic transmission which Osho gave to Devageet, she went through the Akashic processes, a journey of consciousness across many lives and forms. Our awareness rightly used becomes capable of experiencing not only past lives as human but also can tune into the consciousness of animals, plants, stones, stars and other different forms. The vastness and diversity of the Akashic processes is remarkable. As Devageet said, we are cosmic beings having a human experience!

Mahi is a flutist, saxophonist, composer and sound engineer. Completed a BM in Flute Performance at Musashino Academia Musicae in Tokyo. Performs and records flute music from Baroque to Contemporary, creates original jazz and classical crossover music. Often plays meditative flute in meditation gatherings and workshops. In 2003 she left her work as a flute teacher in Osaka and moved to India where she became a coordinator of the Music Department at Osho International Meditation Resort. She composed and played music for the Evening Meeting, directed an international band for the project of “Live from Osho Auditorium” for In 2006 she was invited to join Osho Humaniversity in the Netherlands. Spent 5 years working with Veeresh in his recording studio, creating music for group therapies and meditations. She is the composer and producer of Veeresh and the Humaniversity sound “My Beloved Friend”, “Our Sacred Earth”, “Samasati -The Art Of Witnessing”



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