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Interview with SWAMI DEVAGEET,

Osho’s personal dentist

Q: How did you come to Osho?

A: Cornwall, England; 1975. My age was 38 and I was practicing as a dentist… For about ten years I had been searching along many religious paths trying to find some connection between what I felt to be an inner Truth and my outer life. I had this feeling that there was a gap between the two. After a time, I began to understand that reading and learning did not touch me and that I needed a living Master. So I went from one Spiritual Guru to another realising that they were all nice people but that they couldn’t touch the center of me. In the course of all this I met one of Osho’s sanyasins and he told me about this strange meditation in which you jump and scream and dance. “You call that meditation?” I asked. In those days I was meditating for many hours every day; running, swimming. So I thought “no harm trying this funny meditation.” And I did what he called ‘Dynamic Meditation’. Wonder of wonders! I found that it touched me inside as nothing else had done. I was screaming and dancing and shouting and laughing and I thought “wonderful ! I can’t remember having done this in a long time!” I enjoyed it immensely! It was such freedom. So I did it everyday for about two months and in the course of that time I read two of His books — ‘The Flowers Showered’, and ‘My Way the Way of The White Cloud.’ As I read those books, I was crying! Not out of sadness or anything — just crying. And the tears felt good! Then I sent for His tapes and His voice was so beautiful! After three weeks I had the opportunity in the form of a crisis in my marriage, to go for a holiday. I hadn’t decided where I wanted to go and the sanyassin friend suggested that I go to Poona. Then things really started happening. As soon as I sat in the plane I felt that my life was changing. I didn’t know how, I could just feel that it was changing. As soon as I reached the commune I felt at home. And when I saw Bhagwan in discourse — I went in shock! Because looking for a Master is one thing and finding him is another. Everything about Him was so beautiful — the way He moved, the way He looked, the way He talked and I knew that He was the Master I was searching for and yet my mind refused to accept. It kept saying “how do you know for sure that this is your Master? You already have a Guru.” So I made an appointment to see Him. Next day in discourse I saw Him. I didn’t hear a thing because my mind kept screaming “I need a sign! I need a sign!” Now, who gets a sign? And what kind of sign? Well, seven years earlier I had done a painting . It was the painting of a naked Yogi, sitting in an orange void, with his back to me. A beam of sunlight was touching him on the head and splitting into all the colours of the rainbow. This painting I kept in my office in England. The moment Osho turned His back to leave Darshan I saw it! A beam of light touched Him on the head and I thought—”Christ! He looks just like my painting! This is my sign!” At that point Sannyas happened. That night when I was sitting at His feet for Darshan He asked “Hello Charles! Do you want to take sannyas?” I said ‘yes’ and He gave me the name ‘Devageet’ which means ‘Divine Harmony’ or ‘Song of the Universe’ or ‘The Unstruck Melody of the Cosmos’. At that point all the doubting stopped. I told Osho that I was in the process of a divorce and that even though my wife and I were always fighting I wanted to share the beauty of my experiences here, with her. Osho then told me that the best way to make her understand that was to give her everything I had — the house, the children, the money, the cars and she would know. So, I went back to settle my life in England and came back after eighteen months. Earlier when I was in Poona, Laxmi, Osho’s secretary had asked what I do and I told her that I was a dentist and she asked, “will you be a dentist for the commune?” and I had laughed. Now, when I was back for a time, I was asked to be a guard. I asked for more work, I didn’t want to be a dentist I just wanted to be a disciple! But they said there’s a new dental room built by an American and that I should be a dentist. when I went there and told the American guy that I was asked to be a dentist he said ‘Fine’. Two days later he left for America and I was the dentist to the commune. It was the end of 1979, when one day Osho’s caretaker, Vivek came and asked me if I would examine Osho’s teeth. It had never occured to me that I would ever be asked to examine His teeth! I said “Ya! Sure! I suppose he has teeth like anybody else but when I’m near Him my legs go funny, my eyes go cross and I don’t know if I could do it!”

But she persisted and I finally examined Him that day. He asked me if I could solve the problem and I said ‘Yah!’. From the beginning, all the way, I seemed to come very close to Osho, very quickly. After we went to America, I also became His note-taker. I typed what He spoke and edited it. that was when I transcribed ‘Glimpses of a golden childhood’, ‘Books I have loved’ and ‘Notes of a madman’. It was also after Oregon that He told me to write a book about His Life . He also gave me the name — ‘Bhagwan, Messiah of Life, Love and Laughter’. At that time He had not yet thought of the name ‘Osho’.

Q: How’s the work now, after Osho is not in the body?

A: Now my work has changed dramatically. You see, in 1989, one day, He called me to His room and said that because of all the pain in His teeth, He had discovered something of great importance for humanity.He told me that the pain in His teeth is connected to a place in His chest like a light which is connected to the light of the collective consciousness of all human beings everywhere. He told me that everybody’s teeth are their akashik record linking them to their consciousness. Then He went on to say that meditation is taking one to the stars and difficulties arise because four million years of DNA evolution keep pulling one to the earth. It takes a very special human being to meditate. He said that by working with the teeth you can find a way to cut the roots of men’s biological bondange so that meditation would become easy. Secondly, it would strengthen the body in a systematic way so that when they do get enlightened they won’t die. Because, He said, that out of every thousand who meditate, only one gets enlightened. Out of every thousand who succeed, one may live. Out of every thousand who live one speaks and goes on to become a Master. Because what to say and to whom? So He told me that this poor humanity needs a quicker way and you can do it! He put a very powerful seed in my brain. Then He said you put it out to the world press. So we took out a press release — “Osho discovers Humanity’s unconscious is linked with their teeth.” As for me, after He left His body, I didn’t know what to do I didn’t know how I would go about doing what He had said to me. Well, after a few months of His death I met someone who told me how they were working with coloured light and how applying it to the head made people remember their early childhood experiences. It then struck me that you could probably use coloured light on the teeth to remember pre-human lifetimes. So I researched and developed a method to use light on the teeth. It took me two and a half years, after which I did it on about twenty people. Then, I had it done on me and that is how I refined the process. I call it the ‘Illumination Therapy’ because illumination means Light and Enlightenment. This process provides a dis-identification so that people can meditate to depths they’ve never known before. And this I take to be the essence of Osho’s message to Devageet on that day.

Q: Tell us more about this process. Have you spoken about it to the rest of the world?

A: This process has three stages. In the first phase we connect with the personal unconscious and this opens the door to the Personal Superconscious. The second phase we work with the collective unconscious which opens the door to the Collective Superconscious.The third phase which is totally amazing works with the Universal unconscious which opens the door to the universal superconscious. It is a simple step-wise progression and it can be done over a period of three years. In these therapies your body releases its memories because each cell remembers its past. In the various stages you clean up your early life issues — your mother, your father, your childhood, your sex-life your inherited evolutionary lives. And the body has all the memories and its not so unusual because in the womb first you’re a fish then you’re a frog and then you become a human being. Meditation happens when you go right back- beyond all the evolutionary lifetimes — beyond the time you were a single cell — right back! It takes a very particular training because it is not a technique at all — it’s an approach. The essence of this work is transformation. Right to the end I’ve done it to three people. I want to do it on more people. One day someone might come who’ll take the work to the future. It needs a particular quality — somebody who’s totally into Osho. It needs somebody who understands the value of this incredible work, who are very deep in their meditation and transformation. It’s like the inner work of a Mystery school. It’s not hidden, it’s not secret, but it’s not for everybody. The other thing I am doing is creating a Buddha-field in England. It’s for people who want 100% Osho, who want the feel and the presence of the Master — not of the leader or interpreter. A lot of people talk about Osho’s vision, about His meditation but this Buddha-field will be for people who want to LIVE it ! The idea about the ‘Oshodontics Therapy’ is a great gift to me from Osho and in England this work will be the centre-piece of what we’re calling the ‘Osho Life Academy’. This work makes me use my scientific training for esoteric purposes and gives it roots. I test it by the feed-back I get. The progress comes to me in the form of ‘intuition’.

Q: What does ‘Osho’ mean for you?

A:This place is about ‘religiousness’, about ‘godliness’. We don’t use the word God and religion in the conventional sense. In the outside world words are sloppy with grey areas of meaning but here we use words like even ‘belief’ very carefully. For us Osho is not a belief or ideology — it is the essence of things. Osho points the way to the future. It’s your future possibilities. But the strange thing about that is that its here, now. But you’re separate from it by all kinds of wrong beliefs, idea, culture. Reality doesn’t have to become — it’s here. When Osho says “you’re Buddhas” it’s not in the future. It is an unlearning process — unlearning everything that your mother, father friends society taught you. Has your living been your own experience? When you begin to live authentically, when you are aware of everything you do and meditation brings that quality of awareness you realise that the path you’re travelling really leads to an original self — no pretence, no facade, and that is the state of Bliss!


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