Transomatic Dialogue

Transomatic Starlight Colour Dialogue ©

Oshodontics shows the human body to be a conscious self-healing, self-maintaining, self-sustaining energy system. It loses its original state of optimal functioning when its innate feedback mechanisms, based on feelings and sensations, are ignored, invalidated and repressed. Invalidation of response-feelings disconnects the individual from their original sense of wholeness, their original sense of self. This fundamental invalidation creates a state of invalidity i.e. disease. Many diseases are cumulative, remaining dormant until a critical level of invalidation is reached, thus the disease may not become clinically obvious until long after the original cause.

The Transomatic© approach to healing begins with feeling-sense awareness; an enhanced state of awareness that focuses on feeling bodily sensation. Focused inside the physical body feeling-sense awareness enables repressed and forgotten emotion-bound memories to be accessed, re-cognised, acknowledged, integrated and harmonized. This four-stage process reconnects the individual with their original sense of self and wholeness: their existential self. The resolution of disease is effective, dramatic, and often fast.

We human beings appear to be unique self-sustaining energy systems, unique in that we have the capacity of self-reflective consciousness, i.e. awareness. Biological life energy as it flows and functions inside us can, with awareness, be precisely located, subjectively and accurately felt. Transomatic Dialogue© enables self-observation to become a precision tool for healing.

Our human energetic response to life may be described as fourfold: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. When the natural, original response to any given stimulus is repressed and invalidated by fear, often of parental disapproval, physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual disease is initiated, although its clinical signs and symptoms may follow much later. The core event also unconsciously sets in motion a series of behavioural patterns created to avoid any similar situation arising in the future, and to keep the original memory repressed.

Meditation with feeling-sense-awareness enables an individual to precisely focus their awareness and attention to accurately feel, by direct and detailed feeling-sense-observation, the blocked, repressed, energy-feedback loops that have become the cause of dysfunction and disease.

Awareness, used in this way, is catalytic; it reveals the sequential energetic logic that links the signs and symptoms of disease to their original cause. In this way the person can themselves follow the signs and symptoms of their disease back to the repressed emotion-bound core memory. Awareness becomes the catalyst for healing once the repressed emotions and feelings are validated by being acknowledged, expressed and subsequently acted upon.


The signs and symptoms of dysfunction are diagnosed as disease.
Transomatic Dialogue© recognises the signs and symptoms as the effect of repressed memories of an unknown traumatic cause. In Transomatic Trance, using feeling-sense-awareness, the individual gives voice to their signs and symptoms allowing them to reveal their original cause(s). The memories that surface activates the self-healing process. Recent memories are usually the first to be accessed, although older memories, perhaps from past lives, may surface later. It is a kind of psycho-emotional archaeology.

The Transomatic approach acknowledges and respects the body wisdom within any disease. Recognising the body is never an enemy Transomatic Dialogue© endeavours to understand the disease, not conquer it. The approach respects that:

  • The symptoms contain information relating the cause and the effects of the disease.
  • Each disease is a message from the unconscious mind ‘trying’ to communicate information about a repressed memory. Transomatic Dialogue is uniquely focussed on the individual receiving ‘the message’ carried by their symptoms. It is a message that acknowledges the roots of disease to be within their own life and therefore within their own power to heal.
  • The disease brings awareness, showing clearly and precisely how we each unconsciously create our own disease by repressing the feelings and emotional impact of the original event. The invalidated emotions, seeking to be integrated, create psycho-emotional turbulence that is seen as ‘disease’.
  • Beneath and beyond the disease mechanism is a profoundly intelligent response system that seeks to restore vitality, harmony and lost function to the individual. The disease happens for a person, not to them.
  • The Transomatic approach views the body-mind, including the disease, as a friend, never as an enemy.

Transomatic Dialogue© enables the individual to use their catalytic awareness to access the core memory and its associated emotions, which once they are released from their state of imprisonment-by-repression, the latent self-healing capacity of the body-mind is activated.

Transomatic Dialogue© guides the individual through the four stages of healing resolution: Re-membering, Validating, Integrating and Harmonising. Each stage progressively enables the broken energetic connection with the original state of energetic harmony and wholeness to be systematically restored.

Transomatic Dialogue© creates a channel of communication that bridges the time-gap separating the individual as they are now from how they had been at the time of the trauma. The channel allows repressed emotions to be acknowledged and safely expressed. The latent self-healing capacity of the human body to repair itself and to restore its energy flow becomes activated by the individual’s catalytic awareness. This is the self-healing process.

Feeling-sense awareness enables perception and cognition to become conscious, perceptible and accessible. Experiencing oneself as a capable, aware, self-healing human being is a profound reversal of daily attitudes. Transomatic Dialogue©, by validating one’s original self, heals the many wounds arising from feelings of childhood helplessness and dispossession. It feels like a miracle.

The Chakras appear to be energetic centres within the human body that coordinate, balance, harmonise and synchronise the individual’s consciousness within their bio-energy field.

The Auric Radiation Energy Field:

The interactive effects of an individual’s inner bio-energy field with the ‘world’ – the outer aspects of life and daily reality – appear to be modulated and coordinated by seven subtle-energy bodies that constitute the Auric Radiation Energy Field. These subtle bodies exist as an exquisitely responsive radiation field of bio-energy around the physical body. Traditionally they are described as having seven layers although experience often shows that they flow into, and inter-relate with, each other. The Auric field is usually described as an egg-shaped, rainbow-layered luminescence by those able to see it. Feeling from within one’s auric bio-energy field gives heightened sensations of being within a bubble-sphere of immensely expanded awareness, sensitivity, clarity and intelligence, harmony and intrinsic continuity.

The chakras and energy bodies appear to be in a state of continuous flux and interdependency as they respond to moment-to-moment life situations. They interact, inter-relate, and are inter-dependent with each other within and around the physical form, and nourish and nurture the physical, psycho-emotional, and spiritual aspects of each person.

Awareness of the bio-energy field in and around the body enables an individual to expand and use many of the higher resources of consciousness; such as, intuition, insight, creativity, empathy, love, compassion, wonder, awe, innocence, suprapersonal understanding, consciousness of harmony inside and outside the physical form, direct experience of microcosmic and macrocosmic reality and Logos, and dimensions of consciousness that are indefinable. It brings a new expanded sense of value to life.

Energy Healing:

Every physical disease is an energetic dysfunction which affects the whole bio-energy field. The impact of sudden shock and trauma appears to move outwards like a wave-ripple from the physical to the chakras and subtle bodies. Less impacting, slow-drip traumas, appear to affect the energy bodies first before progressing into the chakras to finally affect the physical tissues and organs. With catalytic awareness an alert individual may feel the presence of disease before it becomes physically apparent.

Transomatic Dialogue© reveals the path of the disease, whatever its form or origin, by somatising its physical reality. Dialogue and feeling-sense-awareness then enables the person to retrace the energetic path taken by the disease to the physical body, through the chakra system to the auric-field energy bodies. In effect, Transomatic Dialogue translates signs and symptoms of any disturbance and maps out a path that enables the individual to retrace the progression of any disease from its effects to its cause, whether in the physical body or the chakras, or the auric field.

Transomatic Dialogue Energy Healing© has 3 phases:

  1. Transomatic Physical Dialogue.
  2. Transomatic Chakra Dialogue.
  3. Transomatic Seven-Energy-Body Dialogue.

Each of these phases takes the form of individual sessions using Transomatic Trance, Feeling-Sense-Awareness, and Transomatic Dialogue, to reveal the core-memory and for it to deliver its message. Once the message has been delivered and acted upon the disease dissolves. It has served its purpose.