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Vienna Buddhafield

Vienna Buddhafield is a place for OSHO Active Meditations in Vienna. You can participate on site (if Covid regulations permit) or online.

Adress: Therapiezentrum Hyrtlgasse, 1160 Wien, Hyrtlgasse 12


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Ingrid Yamouna Hofer

Certified Practitioner

On my Path i first followed my Talent in Music until i graduated at the University of Music and Performing Arts. As a Singer i toured through Austria and Europe and then I discovered my second Interest to know more about myself and Humanity, Spirituality and Health.

I trained and certified in Councelling and currently i am working in a Daycarecenter for mentally ill and socially disadvantaged people.

My Path of Meditation started very early, when i was 19 years old, during a bodywork workshop, where Sannyasins introduced me into Osho Active Meditations. Since then i wanted to know more about this Osho, so i continued meditating and reading books of him until i got Sannyas myself in April 2010, though i never encountered Osho in his Body.

So some years later i met Devageet and this meeting seemed to accomplish that Part of meeting Osho in his Body, since Devageet has this deep connection to Osho. Learing about Meditation, about his Techniques to travel inside myself, discovering the Believes, Emotions and Thoughts, my Body and its language, i feel that my Meditation is changing, becoming more real, honest and authentic, and i am feeling more near and true to myself.

And this is what i want to share, with whoever is on a similar Path, meditating and travelling together inside, to find what was always there, and will ever be there, to where Osho always points to.

Love Yamouna