Transomatic Starlight Dialogue Training – Module 4

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Date(s) - January 20, 2023 - January 29, 2023
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TSD Practitioner’s Skill

In this module of the TSD the focus will be on the clarification of theory and the development of experience for the participants in individual sessions of Transomatic Dialogue. The preparatory first 3 modules will now provide the foundation to naturally expand into becoming a individual session giver of TSD.

Beginning with Interview Skills all the way to the Intergration that formulate the Transomatic Starlight Dialogue individual session, the participants will be exposed to greater detail in order for each of the skills that has been acquired to be expanded into greater depth through the broad spectrum of the Transomatic types of sessions including Dreams, Past lifes and Chakras.

The participants in the Practitioners Training will receive the core skills in order to be able to support a client through a Transomatic Starlight Dialogue session.

To maintain Emotional Coherence during the session with the client, Devageet developed the Transomatic Starlight Color Dialogue method, namely, he began to apply colour-light during the session as an important accompanying element.

Use of color:

The use of the Color wheel of 12 colors and the Mandala of Original Wholeness will be introduced that provide a working tool to support the exploration of these subtle energetic layers through awareness.

Colour is a powerful means of influencing the human psyche. The power of color lies in the fact that it is able to “bypass” the defense mechanisms of our consciousness and act on a deeper unconscious level. The very idea of the influence of color on the human psyche is not new, and many psychologists unanimously argue that colors affect the human psyche not only through sight, but also through the skin. Being in a blood-red room, even with a blindfold, you will feel your heart beat noticeably faster, you will begin to feel excited. Various colors and shades can change a person’s mood, affect his subconscious. The connection between the subconscious and color is obvious and at the same time it is subjective.

In Transomatic Dialogue, we do not create the mood for the client through color, we define the mood through color and connect the client with an emotional response, bringing him out of the unconscious into the field of awareness. Colors interact with each other. By building a certain sequence of colors and accompanying our dialogue, we support during the session a deep healing and transformation process of the client in all aspects of the body-mind system.

The application of colour-light can be both physical, using a light device, and using the client’s visualization. In this module, you will learn how to combine dialogue and color during a session.

What you will learn:

• Transomatic Dialogue Skills – level 2

• Transomatic Dialogue Trance – level 2

• Transomatic Dream Dialogue Trance – level 2

• Transomatic Dream Dialogue Skills – level 2

• Transomatic Past Life Dialogue Trance – level 2

• Transomatic Past life & Bardo Karmic Dialogue Skills – level 2

• Transomatic Chakrasomatic Trance – level 2

• Transomatic Chakrasomatic Dialogue Skills – level 2

• Birth journey

Subjects to be covered:

• Client Interview skills

• Session Variations

• Trance variations

For who is this module:

For participants that have completed the Modules 1-3 of the TSD training



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