Transomatic Starlight Dialogue Training – Module 3

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Date(s) - July 1, 2022 - July 7, 2022
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm




Bardo-Karmic Past Life Dialogue for self-healing and self-transformation, Transomatic approach.


The theme of past lives always remains ambiguous for many of us. In Transomatic approach the work with past lifes is one of the methods, the priority, primary goal of which, as well as work with dreams and childhood memories , is to deepen meditation to the point where authentic transformation takes place. This happens when memories of past lives appear on the screen, and we see that our body is the vehicle for life and the manifestation of all that we need for our development, awakening.

Either the body stores all these memories or it is a kind of channel for accessing the memories. We have no task to find it out for sure. Only that part which is able to travel through time and space, the one that is now, in this Life, accompanies this journey, it is in the focus of our attention and awareness.

We invite You to devote these (7?) days to knowing yourself through traveling to Past Lives, which open up incredible experiences that are inaccessible so far, and as a result of which a powerful resource of vital energy is released. Bringing awareness and clarity to what has happened then and is happening now in this Life.

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