Transomatic Starlight Dialogue Training – Module 1

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Date(s) - March 11, 2022 - March 17, 2022
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm




Transomatic Dialogue, Revisiting Your Childhood for self-healing and self-transformation. (Freedom from the Limitations of the Past)


Transomatic Dialogue as a unique approuch of Self-exploration, Self-healing and Self-transformation. It makes possible to see and realize the true cause of what is happening in the consciousness.

This is a kind of psycho-emotional archeology.

Signs and symptoms of dysfunction can be diagnosed as deseases. The Transomatic Dialogue © sees them as the result of repressed memories of a traumatic situation.

In a transomatic trance, a form of deep relaxation, using feeling-sense-awareness, the individual gives voice to his symptoms, allowing them to reveal their root cause(s). Memories rising to the surface activate the process of self-healing. Recent memories are usually the closest that can be accessed, although older memories may be available later.

The human body acts as a memory system that stores memories that have yet to be integrated into the conscious psychological integrity of the individual. In other words, the body acts, at least in part, as an archive of the personal unconscious.

Self-healing occurs as a spontaneous outcome of conscious access to emotions-related memories.

* Transomatic Dialogue is not intended to cure diseases! This is a work with consciousness that allows to see and understand what actions and decisions create that reality in which a problem, illness or deseas is inevitable. All cases of miraculous healing are the result of a review of ones life, making new decisions and manifesting them.

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