October Buddhafield

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Date(s) - September 30, 2022 - October 21, 2022
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Akashic Academy of Oshodontics


30.September – 21 October 2022


The Akashic Academy of Oshodontics invites you to participate in the international Buddhafield that will take place on the Island of Aegina, Greece between the dates of  30.September – 21 October 2022

This is a gathering of fellow travellers to meditate, receive individual processes that Devageet created. The buddhafield will happen both in presence and online, so if you cannot come to Aegina you are welcome to join online. For your registration you need to register at info@oshodontics.org and we will send you the detailed information. You can begin or continue your journey into The Akashic Processes  (1-7) requiring 21 days and revealing depths of memories that have been stepping stones of our cosmic journey through human, animal and plant formations into the existential principles and universal logos! Expanding awareness beyond the known! The Octave Processes (1 – 8), 7 sessions, a multilayer exploration from the personal all the way to the cosmic layer of unconsciousness, requiring 7 sessions and a time period of 14 days. The Orbs of Transcendence is an in-depth exploration using sacred geometry to create multidimensional connections and pathways of communication creating a new possibility of synergetic potential of body/mind/spirit. The Star Child Process is a step by step journey into beliefs and patterns brought into this life connected to karmic threads that continue to seek resolution, expression and unification. The Buddhafield is an intense energy field where active meditations are an integral part creating the container for individual and collective transformation. The Retreat Format invites you to participate for a minimum of 1 week into the meditation and sharing schedule enjoying the intensity and commitment of the Akashic Buddhafield. This October 2022 offers also an Octave Training for certified practitioners (30. September – 14. October) and one week for connecting with our creativity (15. October – 21. October). The last week (15 October – 21 October) we invite you for Creative Self Transomatic Painting connecting with our creativity . We will use guided trances to open deeper ressources of our Being, reconnecting with the Higher Consciousness beyond the main issues of life. We will invite our inner wisdom to reveal itself through our creative expressions, learning how the inner door is always available to us. We will paint, dance and share our unique colors of life. info@oshodontics.org





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Written by Nagesh
My inquiry into life brought me to study biochemistry. Since science only looked on the outer surface of life, soon afterwards  in 1975 I began a regular Zen practice. In 1978 I came into contact with OSHO and soon afterwards my journey would take me to India where I stayed in the beautiful mystery school around the master. The years that followed brought many different trainings in meditation, hypnosis, bodywork, breath and energy work. Spending  many years in different OSHO communities in India, America and Germany allowed to experience many different flavours of OSHOs work.. Meeting Devageet in 2008 brought another culmination of the journey of meditation by experiencing the transformative power of the transomatic, akashic and octave processes that were happening around Devageet. Now my passion is to be a part of this Noahs arch of consciousness that is being created by allowing OSHOs vision to manifest.
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