Birthing into Higher Consciousness

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Date(s) - January 28, 2022 - January 30, 2022
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


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In this 3-day process you will have the opportunity to explore one of the most significant events in your life that has a transformational potential and can open new horrizons of perspective of your self and your world. The Birthing process into this life is the undercurrent and blueprint of most that will unfold in our life.
A process of 3 days to dive in the intricacies and details of the profound journey of entering with consciousness into this life.
We will use self-awareness techniques and exercises, guided trance-journeys, active meditations and sharings to create the safe environment to explore and discover once again the great miracle of life that we have been participating since the first moment we came on this planet.
We will bring awareness to the shadow sides of relationship dynamics from our parents that may still be affecting our belief and behavior system in our life now especially in our own relationships.
We will explore the energetic dynamics of the developmental periods of our body within the womb and shortly after birth, creating threads of awareness and allowing a continuity of consciousness that resembles to connecting the dots and being allowed to see the big picture of our personality and existence.
We will bring awareness into the multilayer journey of consciousncess through the evolution of matter, acknowledging the biological forces that create the physical body while at the same time including the emotional and mental dimensions that have come into play through the offering of the genetic material of our mother and father bringing together lines of generations to create our unique combination of genetic material carrying timeless wisdom and experience.
We will explore the dynamics of genetics and epigenetic influences of our current experience allowing the opening of pathways into the dimension that lays far beyond the experience into the nature of the experiencer.
The symbol of Birth is always a step into something new, with the new comes the completion of the old
As with all memories there is little point in remembering a past event unless one can see it in a new way: only then something can change.
Awareness of awareness is the essence of meditation and this birthing journey allows a profound shift in consciousness.

Facilitated by Adhiraj & Kalakeli




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